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What personal data we collect and why we collect it

The main priority of almost every genuine website including us is the privacy of the people visiting the website or entering any of their personal details in it. This website uses your data to give you the best service possible that we have to offer. There are a lot of things that can be known by just taking your cookies and usage data and then filtering it. All the things that we do with this data are in accordance with this policy and it completely makes sense why you would like to read this before accessing and browsing through our website –

Information Collected

Not very many information about us collected by us. Your cookies uses data and optionally email address are collected in order to give you a good user experience on this website. These are the only personal data that are collected.

The usage data is basically how the service is accessed and used. Your IP address, browser type Browser version and the pages that you opened in this website are collected by us and the only reason for that is to have good Analytics.

Cookies are basically the files that have a very small amount of data and includes an anonymous unique identifier that will be helpful to us in order to identify the person that is accessing this website at a particular point of time. These tracking technologies do not do any harm to your personal information and as the name suggests, it is used for tracking only. Session cookies, preference cookies, and security cookies are 3 types of cookies that we take and that is to remember your preferences and the various settings which are preferable to you, to operate service and for security purposes.

Links To Other Websites

From time to time in this website, there might be other websites link and our privacy policy has nothing to do with it. This privacy policy is only applicable to this website only and any other privacy problem happening to you because of any other website is not our responsibility. You should check the privacy policy of the other website if you are trying to switch to it.

Security To Your Data

Disclosure of data is not something that we do unless there is any legal requirement. If any of the legal obligation is not complied with, then there are chances that your data might be disclosed. This doesn’t mean that the security of data is not our priority. Definitely, we use commercially acceptable means to protect your data anytime you are accessing this website and browsing through it.

The Usage Of Data On This Website

There are many uses of the data we take which includes providing and maintaining the service in the best way possible. Any changes in our services will be notified to you and that is something to better the user experience altogether. Detecting preventing and addressing the technical issues is also something that we do and we also help to provide customer care and support. Concluding, all you need to know is that this website is completely safe and all the data we collect are put to some use for your experience’s betterment.